25 kg ovarian cyst removed from 72 year old woman by Dr Azad Malik and his team. 



J&K/CP/16/07/2019: Azad Malik and his team successfully removed a huge ovarien cyst from an elderly woman at his private nursing home Al Hayat here in jammu and kashmir’s South kashmir Anantnag 

An elderly woman of 72 years Phoola Begum had visited the private clinic of Doctor Azad Malik with a complain of abdominal pain incluidung breath problem and difficulty in walking probably a week ago.

With a proper diagnosis and after an Ultra sonography (USG) doctors came to know there is a huge mass in her ovary.

“The patient was recommended for surgery by Dr Malik and operated on Monday, A giant cyst was removed from the patient’s ovary. The removed cyst was about 25 kgs, which is approximately more than the weight of a five year old child. This cyst was spread from lower abdomen to lungs and phoola begum was living with it from last two years, sharing about the surgery Dr Malik said it was a tough procedure to operate a Patient with some cardiac issues during surgery but we handled it with all the care. Now the patient is Alhamdu lillah recovering normally,” Dr A.Malik said.

AISCACO congratulated and appriciated Dr Azad Malik and his associates for such challenging successful surgery.